F*CK Shack Invitational - Season 1/Rules

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[e][h]F*CK Shack Invitational
League Information
Prize pool:
dm3 • dm2 • e1m2
Number of signups:
4 teams / 20 players

Map Selection Process - Regular Season

  • Map1: /cmd rnd for who selects first map
  • Map2: Team who did not get first selection picks
  • Map3: Map that has yet to be played

Map Selection Process - Playoffs

  • Map1: /cmd rnd for who selects first map
  • Map2: Team who did not get first selection picks
  • Map3: If series is 2-0, team who is down picks. If series is 1-1 team that won rnd from map1 picks
  • Map4: Team that is down 1-2 selects
  • Map5: The team that did not pick Map 4, picks


  • Teams will have one week to complete their matches, please do your best to schedule your games and make everyone aware (especially Andeh) as the community will want to watch these games.
  • Teams will play their top 3 players (captain, number 1 & 2 picks) at all times, and are required to cycle their 5th round picks in place of the 4th round player for at minimum ONE map of the regular season three map games. This only applies IF both teams have their 5th round players available. Beyond that, it is up to the captains discretion/choice who will play.

Server settings

  • Standard 4on4 settings as found on Rusty/Dusty/Flash's servers (Games can be played on any server, but settings should follow standard 4on4 KTX settings.

  • Use of MATCHTAG
  • 'Nospecs' enabled
  • Teamoverlay enabled

Timelimit: 20 minutes
Overtime: 5 minutes if match is a draw
Deathmatch mode: 1
Teamplay mode: 2
Spawn mode: KTX2 Respawns
Powerups: ON
Discharge: ON
KFjump: Toggled OFF (command = tkfjump)
Airstep: OFF
Jawnmode: OFF
Antilag (or equivalent): ON (unless both teams agree to play without it.)
Fallbunny: ON (if server allows)
No berzerk, midair, instagib or other unusual modes.

Ping Rules

To simplify ping rules and hopefully establish a more fair playing field across the board, pings will be handled as followed:

  • Minimum ping of 50 for all players
  • Games against Yeti's team will be played in southern LA (Dusty's LA if teams can not agree on a specific west server).
  • Games without Yeti, the default server location is Dallas (Rusty's Dallas if teams cannot agree on a specific central server). If BOTH teams agree there is a better server location (ie: Chicago, IOWA, NJ, etc) the games may be played here.

Interrupted Matches

Members from each team should 'elect', should one of your players drop/disconnect it is your responsibility to take note and pause the game immediately. Maps will not be 'restarted' as a result of a player dropping/timing out. The onus is on each team to elect to ensure they may pause quickly should a player encounter issues.

Fuck Shack group of servers with the newest 1.4 beta KTX will have the "pause" function enabled IF you remember to set matchtag

Match Reporting

  • The winning team's captain should report the match on the "Results" channel of discord
  • In order for a match to be valid, screenshots and demos must be supplied from each played map - please upload them in the order they were played.

Allowed clients

  • ezQuake (3.2.x, 3.5 alpha 18+, 3.6.x)
  • unezQuake

Allowed rulesets

  • ezQuake/unezQuake: thunderdome or greater
  • Clean report reply on "f_ruleset" check! "-MSFI" required
  • Team Inlay from unezQuake is banned.
  • Players should do f_ruleset checks before game start. It is ultimately the responsibility of the players to perform this check, and in general, matches played with outlying rulesets will not be overturned.

Allowed proxies

  • QWfwd
  • Qizmo 2.91

Additional Notes

As always, no cheating/non-sense. Intentionally skirting the rules to exploit something will not be tolerated. In times of disagreement between captains, tournament organizers have final say and may bring in an impartial 3rd party if they deem it necessary.