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* Nationality:  [[Image:flag_uk.gif]] British
* Nationality:  [[Image:flag_uk.gif]] British
* Clan prefix: DC
* Clan prefix: DC
* IRC channel: #DC @ [[QuakeNet]]
* IRC channel: #DC
* IRC network: [[QuakeNet]]
* Website:
* Website:

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Main rivals of Quake Police Department during the golden era of UK QW.

Defeated QPD and QL in the first UKCL but the season was abandoned. Always in the top three since then, but didn't win the league until two years later.


  • Founded: 1996 by Zoser and Osiris
  • Nationality: Flag uk.gif British
  • Clan prefix: DC
  • IRC channel: #DC
  • IRC network: QuakeNet
  • Website:



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