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Quakeworld is a rather unique game in that it's almost fully customizable, save for a few graphical settings that would give unfair advantages. For viewing online games live or watching demos however, there are no such limits.


Since we got few things on the wiki, but alot of things on, the following headings are thought to link directly to sections over at that page.

Find everything on


Charsets, or character sets, are basically the font you would see in the console, on the scoreboard and other messages. You can make your own, or browse through a database of ready-made, ready-to-use charsets.


Configs, or configurations, are executable text files which change the Quakeworld settings. This might include your favourite player's individual settings?


Crosshairs are the image at the center of your screen which you use to aim at your opponents. Is a simple dot, a cross or a circle your preferred crosshair?


HUD stands for Heads Up Display and contains all kinds of graphics for you to use to completely personalise the look of the information necessary to you while playing Quakeworld. Use this in combination with the HUD editor in game for full effect.


Models contains custom 3D-models for weapons, players and more. Note that while models can be changed, not all changes are permitted in tournaments.


Textures are the wallpapers in which all polygons of Quakeworld are wrapped. Do you want faithful ones in high resolution or something completely different? It's up to you.


Maps is the place in which you will find new, interesting maps and textures to liven them up. You can also find textures here to liven up your old, favourite maps.


Skins are the textures of the player model, for both you, your teammates and your enemies. Do you want faithful skins in high resolution, jerseys of your favourite sports team or fullbright ones in a single colour?


Other contains modifications that did not fit into any other category. Here you can find beautiful, high-resolution skyboxes and custom sounds among other things.

ezQuake manual In the ezQuake manual you will find every command line you can imagine to make Quakeworld look and feel just the way you want to. How to change player skins, HUD, graphical options, crosshair, and much, much more.