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There are several results for "''Cream''":
Cream is an American player (from America) who began playing and dominating QuakeWorld TDM in the middle of 2011.
Nobody knows what caused him to decide to play QW, but everyone is grateful that he does.  His arrival in the NA QW scene was a pleasant surprise to everyone, including himself.  Cream's refreshing sense of style has brought many changes to the way QW is played in the USA.  His pro QW skills have been sharpened and refined like a knife, which is why everyone is afraid of him.
* [[Image:flag_us.gif]] [[Cream (American Player)|Cream]] (American Player)
* [[Image:flag_nl.gif]] [[Cream (Dutch Player)|Cream]] (Dutch Player)
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== Information ==
| realname =
| birthyear = 1985
| birthmonth = December
| birthday = 22
| nationality = American
| shortnationality = us
| currentclan = Div99
| clannationality = us
| adminof =
| aka = creme, creamer, creamery, creamatorium, creamcheese, creme de la cream, creamchowder, creampuff, etc
| foundquake = 2011
| retired =
| color1 =
| color2 =
| favmap = [[aerowalk]]
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== Extended Introduction ==
Cream's first duel in QuakeWorld was versus Avenger.  From Avenger's perspective, it must have seemed like Cream was an easy opponent back then, but the truth isn't as simple as that.  Cream's powerful skills allowed him to steal all of Avenger's killer moves during their duel, and although he lost the duel itself (on purpose), he walked away with a grin because he had learned so much secret knowledge.
Taking only his expert knowledge of dm4 with him, Cream then moved on to servers located in his own country, the United States of America (which is a part of North America).  There, he met many friends such as sane.  Now possessing the killer moves of Avenger and having friends such as sane, it was pretty obvious that Cream's destiny was to become a true QuakeWorld legend.
But all legendary QuakeWorld players have an arch-nemesis.  Although Cream met his arch-nemesis in the United States, it was clear by his enemy's awkward accent that BLooD_DoG(D_P) is actually from a much colder, more evil country called Canada.  To this day, there remains a tremendous amount of tension between Cream and BLooD_DoG(D_P).
As time went on, Cream began to quickly dominate the game called QuakeWorld, mostly on North American servers.  Although he dominated maps such as aerowalk (and everyone called him "aerocream"), etc, he decided to leave one map un-conquered:  ztndm3.  A notable person once overheard a conversation Cream was having with an enemy:
crm:  "BLooD_DoG(D_P) u take ztndm3 [ra]"<br/>
bld:  "get ra [ya]"<br/>
crm:  "cancel/no [quad]"<br/>
bld:  "get ra [ya]"<br/>
bld:  "get ra [ya]"<br/>
bld:  "get ra [ya]"<br/>
crm:  "took ra [ra]"<br/>
Thus it was decided that BLooD_DoG(D_P) would be allowed to be the champion of ztndm3 for the time being, thereby giving Cream free reign to dominate everyone on every other map.
== Clan history ==
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<!-- * [[Image:flag_q.gif]] [[full clan name]] -->
== Achievements ==
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<!-- '''2006''' [[Image:flag_???.gif]] [[clan]] - 4on4 Champions of [[EQL Season 4]] - Division 2 --->
== Quotes ==
{{quote|''cream you are a visionary''|mikehail}}
{{quote|''cream is hawt''|ag.sane, often}}
{{quote|''cream is sexy''|mikehail, once again}}
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There are several results for "Cream":