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Cream is an American player (from America) who began playing and dominating QuakeWorld TDM in the middle of 2011.

Nobody knows what caused him to decide to play QW, but everyone is grateful that he does. His arrival in the NA QW scene was a pleasant surprise to everyone, including himself. Cream's refreshing sense of style has brought many changes to the way QW is played in the USA. His pro QW skills have been sharpened and refined like a knife, which is why everyone is afraid of him.


  • Date of birth: December 22, 1985
  • Also known as: creme
  • Nationality: Flag us.gif American
  • First spawned: 2011
  • Map: aerowalk

Extended Introduction

Cream started playing Quakeworld shortly after he was able to subscribe to a somewhat faster internet service in the rural area where he lives. Until July of 2011, Cream was only able to surf the internet with a dial-up modem. Throughout the period of his life prior to having acceptable internet access (a time which will be referred to as "the dark age of cream"), Cream would often spend his days *mentally preparing* for the time when he would discover and begin to dominate Quakeworld.

Soon after the dark age was over, Cream began to explore the internet in a way he'd never been able to before. He had a lot of memes and history to catch up on, and decided to do so in chronological order; the game called Quakeworld luckily caught his attention (rather than, say, Quake Live). In a way, Cream was ripped off by the internet and was lead to believe that Quakeworld was the newest game on the block. The joke was on him, yes, but little did anyone know that the Entity called Cream was such a great source of power.

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