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ClanBase is a unique system, for online gamers, built and maintained by online gamers. The system's goal is to be the central communication station for clans, where they can arrange their wars, play in ladders and competitions (cups), read news, download files, talk in forums, follow competitions, view demo's, listen to live game coverage, etc., etc.

Clanbase conveniently centralizes clans, players, wars, ladders and compo's. Furthermore there's all the other stuff you would expect, like news, a forum and links. Clanbase provides 'homepages' for clans and players. Clan leaders and trustees can manage their own clanpage and each player his/her playerpage. All pages can contain personal logo's and various information, even customized clanfields like 'favorite weapon'. Clan pages show the players, all the clanwar results and specific clan news. Furthermore, each clan has its own private forum. Everybody has his own account and can only change relevant data.

The last appearance for Quakeworld in clanbase was in 2003/2004.


ClanBase started out in the beginning of 1998 as a war arranging site for mainly dutch Quake2 clans and since then it has grown substantially by serving more countries, more clans, more players and more games.

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