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Angelina was a timing utility developed by Flag se.gif Slime and Flag se.gif aKKe and released on November 13th, 2003.


There was much controversy when Angelina was first released. It allowed the player to query the tool which was running the background, which then replied with the time remaining in the game. Players were thus able to time items or powerups without having to use any ordinary watches, clocks or eggclocks. While many considered it to be a cheat at the time, Angelina can retrospectively be considered the ancestor of today's Gameclock implemented in both fuhQuake and ezQuake.

The developers and users of Angelina defended the usage by stating that people already used the above mentioned methods to time items, Angelina only being a modernised and implemented version. The developers' objective was never to cheat, but merely to optimise the gameplay. This was also the reason why powerup-timers were never implemented in Angelina.

fuhQuake made the only logical step and implemented Gameclock in their next version, halting the discussion and development of Angelina.


To use Angelina, a series of simple steps had to be made:

  • Run the Angelina binary in the background
  • Adjust listen port by setting: Angelina -p 28000 (Default: 27500)
  • Exec angelina.cfg to load the default aliases
  • In the console of the QuakeWorld client, you had to write /packet " command" (Port is the port Angelina is listening on. The first command to be used was start where is the optional time in seconds to set the timer to. If is not specified, time would be set to 1205 seconds (20 minutes and 5 seconds). Maximum value of the timer was 1 hour (3600 seconds). A few examples:
/packet " start"		- Sets the timer to default value (1205 seconds) and begins countdown.
/packet " start605"	- Sets the timer to 605 seconds and begins countdown.

To check the timer from QuakeWorld you had to use the command "status". To send it, the following syntax had to be used:

/packet " status"

Angelina would then report back the current time left of the timer.

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