Dag Def Extreme 2
Aweome soundtrack and camera movements in the start really sets the atmosphere.
Where as the first DDE movie started out soft with a lot of slowmotion tricks, this one kicks you right in the face with a plethora of amazing gibs. A cool little warning leaves a moment to catch your breathe, before presenting you with some crazy ass tag-teaming tricks that apart from this movie, you haven't seen before
The soundtrack is the by far the best we have heard so far as well.
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Added by: ParadokS
Added date: 2012-10-05
Release date: 2002-11-24
Author: dag & def
Category: Movies
2012-10-12, 05:39
How can this video not have any comments yet? This is by far my favorite QW movie, the production is great and so is the content and the soundtrack...

The reason for the long intro is in part due to this being the first movie featuring 24bit textures, and it was somewhat of a showcase, as they used a not yet released version of More QuakeWorld (mqwcl 1.0) that was the first qw client to add support for the hq textures.

Also it was the first qw movie to not render the frags at 50% speed, it's actually 80% here, just so everyone is able to keep up
2012-10-12, 11:47
I dont find it surprising that it doesnt have comments yet, and amazingly now already got 2...

Dde is so familiar, everybody knows it, and prolly already discussed it at various places.

But thnx zalon for extending the info with some facts. :-)
2012-10-12, 14:01
Hehe, you are right... However, it should have a lot of votes then
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