VVD  /  14 Nov 2017, 18:57
First of all, thank you, for joining the quakeworld player's community in this season start event. Hope you will have a good time.

Thunderdome season 9 is live!
That means you can start making your games.

It's expected that you will produce your first game until the end the week.

Check out on the Thunderdome page who is your opponent, and what games you can have ahead.
For this go to your division link on the Thunderdome web page left banner, and after this click on Text bracket, to see a competitive bracket with the games of the competition you are in.
For example: Europe Open Division.

To schedule a game, both players should try to meet, and schedule their games.
That's why you were asked a irc channel to be contactable or a discord channel.
So you can try to find your Thunderdome opponent online on some Quake server, on irc or discord, or try to talk with somebody that knows your opponent.

Please read the rules of the tournament!
Be aware that the map pool has a Main map pool (DM4, Aerowalk, Ztndm3, Bravado, Monsoon) and an Additional map pool (DM2 and DM6).
For this you should state your choice on Thunderdome main page, by commenting.

You are advised to play some practice games on the map Monsoon, since it is a not very well know map.
Even tough most players are on same foot on Monsoon map knowledge, you should avoid entering competition without playing it at least some times.

Good luck to everybody and have fun!!!
Ake Vader  /  9 Nov 2017, 15:14
The Thunderdome 9 division seedings are close to getting finalised and if you have any input you must speak now or forever hold your peace. The number of signups are just over three digits strong with 122 players signing up for this installment of the tourney.

Check out the divisions

Updated: Tournament started - lets frags begin!!!
Ake Vader  /  7 Nov 2017, 17:56
With almost 100 signups at the moment Thunderdome Duel tournament is getting ready to start. The advent of an Australian division and American division are refreshing news for the QuakeWorld community. Australia division will be a go, next Weekend, starting officially next Saturday 11th November. So stay tuned for the games of our Ozzies mates.

Meanwhile, Signups for European divisions and American divisions are still open till next weekend

The need for our most skilled players in div1 and 2 is noticed.

Get your Spot, on this season start gathering, and have fun.

Sign up
Client software
Ake Vader  /  31 Oct 2017, 19:18
A few weeks ago the nQuake configs were under scrutiny primarily with focus on usability issues which were finally ironed out. This time there has been a major revamp of key bindings and other changes in an attempt to ensure a coherent experience.
meag  /  31 Oct 2017, 08:21
With Thunderdome9 fast approaching, the weekly tournaments will run again, this time with TD9 'extended' map-pool to choose from: DM2,DM4,DM6,AERO,ZTN3,BRAVADO & MONSOON. Hopefully this helps people get prepared for Thunderdome, once it is up and running we'll switch back to trying out some kenya maps.

Map-tossing & ping rules remain the same as the other Sunday cups, so be prepared to play on London servers if playing opponents from North/South America. Tournament starts at 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT/UTC) and will run for approx 4 hours. Exact structure may change due to numbers but expect a group stage and then knockout bracket to determine the winner.

Update Tournament is over, thanks to everyone who took part. After very close semi-finals, at the end of the night we had a clear winner in Macisum, with Gloomy taking second place. Thanks again to everyone who took part.
Ake Vader  /  25 Oct 2017, 15:23
The administration of the long running Thunderdome tournament, i.e. VVD, is busy preparing to launch another season starting soon; Thunderdome Season 9. As usual we can expect a lot of duel action based on individual skill levels on a partly fresh set of maps.

Update: Map pool explanation.
Ake Vader  /  24 Oct 2017, 10:15
Bogojoker invites the fastest players on the planet to take part in his 2017 DM race contest that has already started (you can join in whenever) and lasts until 25th of December. The contest is all about getting the fastest times on a set of routes on the classic maps DM2, DM3, DM4 and DM6. The fastest contenders will have a bounty to collect and there may even be a special treat for anyone setting a new world record, which of course are getting logged.

More info in the forum
Server software
bps  /  19 Oct 2017, 06:12
Community favorite Molgrum has been working relentlessly to get his server mod CSPREE out of beta and into version 1.0. Today is release day, so read on for more info, changelog and download instructions.
meag  /  17 Oct 2017, 10:27
A couple more one-map tournaments in the next few weeks, starting off with one of foogs's maps, shifter.

The tournament structure will be small double-elimination brackets, and will start an hour later than recent Sunday events - hopefully this gives more people a chance to enter. Expect the games to be complete by 11:30 CEST. I'll do my best to split people into divisions to try and make sure the games are close.

Update: Tournament is complete, thanks to everyone who played. We had a couple of last minute drop-outs in div2, where Thor managed a 100% record en route to the title. Div1 was won by rio, who battled through the loser's bracket to beat VVD in the final.

Some choice games are available on Youtube - (YouTube encoding seems keen to screw the videos unfortunately)
People & clans
meag  /  10 Oct 2017, 05:51
It's rare for a clan to still be active after such a long time. Here kip reminiscences over the 20 year history of one of Finland's oldest quake clans...

Back in the day here in Finland, we had a portal just like called iNET Dome. There was QW related news in general, clan-news, player-news, announcements about player transfers and most likely everything you needed to know about what's happening in the Finnish scene, and elsewhere in Northern Europe.

Dome had fragrank which kept statistics for their two main servers: iNET Small and iNET Large. Small ran DM1-DM6 and Large was for "big boys", a lot of action only on DEATH32C.

Dome's Fragrank was the first time I discovered two names but one prefix. Timi and Scopa. Timi was leading the rank with over 100k frags, and Scopa wasn't that far behind. One thing that was amazing, they both played under "FU"-tag. I did a small amount of research and quickly noticed that FU stood for Fraggers United.

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