Ake Vader  /  9 Dec 2016, 12:17
Quake BYOC tournament at DHS2017 with a 15,000SEK prize purse?
With QuakeCon having taken place and QHLAN being on the way one would think that the QuakeWorld community couldn't hope for more. However, perhaps due to the fact that it was recently the Quake 20th anniversary, there might be more things coming as the Dreamhack organization recently revealed the BYOC tournaments for Dreamhack Summer 2017. In the list there is, quite surprisingly, a Quake tournament of some sorts with a 15,000SEK prize purse indicated. Not much more is known at the moment and expect an update when more light has been shed on what's to come.

Update: After having checked the matter with Dreamhack the response was unfortunately that it is not yet decided what game in the Quake series will be featured in this particular tournament.

2016-12-10, 07:56
2016-12-11, 23:23
I would guess that this is a placeholder for Quake Champions
2016-12-12, 06:49
I sent an e-mail to the Dreamhack support who replied that it is not yet decided what game in the Quake series the tournament will be for. Post updated.

Perhaps they keep it open until it is known whether Quake Champions will even be released by that time. :}
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