Hooraytio  /  9 Feb 2016, 07:49
EQL 21 league structure changed
Two late signings, FOM & SD2, changed the scene quite alot and made me rethink the league. From what I see now there is a clear line where I can divide the scene into two divisions. The regular season starts today and ends on April 10th.
Instead of one large division I have decided to split the teams into two divisions with 8 and 7 teams respectively.

Division 1 will have 8 teams and the teams will meet once before the playoffs. Division 1 playoffs will be split into A and B with the top 4 clans reaching A and the bottom 4 clans reaching B. All match and map rules from the previous post are still in effect.

Division 2 will have 7 teams and the teams will meet once beafore the playoffs. All teams in division 2 will reach the same playoffs and the top team will qualify directly for semifinal 1. The rest of the teams will meet in the quarterfinals like this: A #2 vs #7, B #3 vs #6 and C #4 vs #5. The winners of A and B will meet in semifinal 2 and the winner of C will proceed to semifinal 1 vs #1. All other match and map rules from the previous post are still in effect.

I have also decided to keep the D99 special team since it means more matches and also because the players in that team should provide a decent challenge for the other non-D99 teams in division 2.

Please contact me if you have questions or have spotted any flaws or errors.

Good luck!

2016-02-09, 07:50
Make sure to read up on the match and map rules in this post:
2016-02-09, 10:18
Of the 8 div. 1 teams, did 5 or more vote for the kenya maps?
2016-02-09, 10:26
I didnt split the vote between the divisions plus fom and sd2 joined late anyway.
Also even if you dislike the cmts you can pick a tb3 map and get tb3 decider so I hope it isnt such a big deal for hardcore tb3 players.
2016-02-09, 10:32
Maybe you should ask the 8 div. 1 teams about that
2016-02-09, 10:45
I think you are making this a bigger problem than what it is.
Please refer to #3 again.
2016-02-09, 10:48
Well my original question was #2. Never got an answer

Not looking for a debate
2016-02-09, 10:51
I told you I didnt split the vote between the divisions so you cant get an answer to that question.
2016-02-09, 10:52
Well you can answer #2 if you want, but you refuse

Have a nice day
2016-02-10, 13:40
Can you please update to the new rules from this century? Current rules are the old ones prior to a bit of rewrite, especially regarding clients ...
2016-02-10, 14:04
yes yes
2016-02-10, 14:28
Great thanks!
2016-02-12, 02:31
good God!
QW still alive?
Cheers guys!
2016-02-16, 07:23
welcome back billy
2016-02-16, 11:15
Billys Burgers
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