ParadokS  /  1 Mar 2012, 09:45
Slipgate Report #9
After a long hiatus we decided to whip up another show. This time we once again invited QW superstar Rikoll for a chat about current events.
With EQL starting their 15th. installment using a whole new concept for the 4on4, a brand new 1on1 tourney called Thunderdome by VVD and QuakePhil and a new ongoing series of 1on1 tournaments by dirtbox over at Besmella we had plenty of material to discuss.

Hopefully we can start to pick up the pace and at least try to do weekly or bi-weekly shows, following up on some of the action in the QW scene 2012.


Defcon-5's recently released QW documentary

You can watch the show @ in 2 parts (spank you so much xsplit for making quakephil's life so hard!), or alternatively you can download it as mp3 @
2012-03-01, 10:33
Welcome back, this is another piece of good coverage that the scene needs.

I agree with Rikoll about the playoff expectations for csn, we should be able to reach gold playoffs if we can use our best lineup, atleast in the hard games, and i see FU and Cute as our main competitors for 3rd spot.
2012-03-01, 11:40
Nice, been missing this show! Keep doing it please!
2012-03-01, 11:50
Our best lineup - that must include me, right? Be
2012-03-01, 13:26
Ideally it would be: Hagge, Hagge, Hagge, Hagge but cloning isnt allowed in Sweden as of yet
2012-03-01, 16:29
Luckily I don't live in Sweden anymore! Be
2012-03-02, 00:28
In UK, I think, too. :-P
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