phil  /  28 Feb 2012, 17:10
Thunderdome Begins!
Thunderdome round 1 has started! The deadline for all divisions is March 5, 23:59CET. It was hard work to seed everyone into the divisions, but master blaster (also known as VVD) made sure that all the slaves did their jobs. Spontaneous live streaming will take place around 2400-0400 CET (6pm-10pm est) if any games are happening at that time and I'm not otherwise predisposed. We may get a more official streaming schedule as the semis and finals start getting scheduled, but in the meantime follow my stream to get notified when it goes online.

* Div0 - 19 players
* Pro - 22 players
* Regular - 30 players
* Advanced Rookies - 28 players
* Rookies - 22 players

GL, RL & LG 2 all!
2012-02-28, 17:33
2012-02-28, 21:31
Sidd when can we play? :E
2012-02-29, 02:14
Hagge, he search you in IRC and on servers.
2012-02-29, 07:42
Hagge might be the most wanted qwplayer to this date.
2012-02-29, 08:26
Is there any possibility to create a feed that shows all games from every tournament? It's quite time consuming to browse them the current way, and I guess admins have it even worse
2012-02-29, 09:52
There is some sort of results feed to the left on this page, Would be cool if all league results showed up there.
2012-02-29, 10:42
Ok thanks VVD. Clearly I'm searching for him in the wrong place :/
2012-02-29, 21:59
> Is there any possibility to create a feed that shows all games from every tournament?
Done today. :-]
2012-02-29, 22:49
Nice! Can you add the link to the news post since you can't really navigate through the text brackets
2012-03-02, 00:22
Didn't understand your last message...
2012-03-02, 05:34
Can you add that link to this news post here, so you can easily see and click it from front page?
2012-03-02, 11:03
I can't.
Phil - may be.
2012-03-05, 20:40
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