Zalon  /  23 Feb 2012, 15:48
Upcoming tournament announcement
In my mailbox today, I received an email regarding a series of upcoming QuakeWorld tournaments. The email is from a Swedish player called zingao, who promises to organize monthly tournaments with cash prizes.

Since I received a statement, I'll let the man talk for himself.

Read on for the statement
Statement wrote:

Greetings fellow Quakers!

I'm Andréas, also known as "zingao". Within the next couple of weeks, I will be making
a total of three teasers about a tournamentproject that I've started. The
tournament is hosted and play in Europe, but of course people from other regions are
allowed to participate.

The tournament will be hosted on a regular monthly basis, and a prizepool is promised.
I will let you know right away that I will put pure cash into the prizepool, as I prefer
the ability to win pure cash and not computergear or the like. I sincerely hope that
this will reactivate many quakers and make people practice more - making the awesome
QuakeWorld scene more active than ever.

If the tournament results in just 2 new players starting QuakeWorld, or just having 5
people watching the livestream for the first time, I believe I've succeeded and I will
be satisfied.

Why am I doing this?
I love this game, and it has everything it needs - the dedicated people, the awesome
community, etc. It's time to pick up your rocketlaunchers again!

What do I require from the community?
Even though you don't necessarily feel like you're going to win the tournament - sign
up anyway! Let everyone know that we are here to stay. Watch our good
quality livestream, chat in it and listen to the awesome casters.
And of course - talk about us, mention us. Help me help you!

If you want to give any suggestions - just query me on quakenet, anything is welcomed!

Find us on irc: #HoH - Hymn of Hope (Quakenet)
2012-02-23, 15:59
$ !!!
2012-02-23, 16:01
2012-02-23, 16:20
cash monies!!!
2012-02-23, 16:40
Logo makes me think of a zombie invasion. Looking good
2012-02-23, 16:56
need axe in hand
2012-02-23, 18:06
Oh great! I'll do my best to recruit a few oldies
2012-02-23, 18:57
2012-02-23, 19:06
i like!
cash is going to motivate
2012-02-23, 19:07
2012-02-23, 19:25
Pure awesomne$$!
2012-02-24, 08:02
2012-02-24, 12:28
Cool, I hope for a rookie tournament!
2012-02-24, 12:39
"Cool, I hope for a rookie tournament!"

That would be quite tricky if there's cash involved. Plenty of good players would use trickery to get in the tournament for easy win
2012-02-24, 13:41
Ake_Vader, Not yet. It will be announced on the next teaser.

Thank you all, help promoting it!
2012-02-28, 12:19
nice logo!
2012-02-29, 15:46
Ofcourse, its made by you, whom else!
2012-03-01, 10:42
Beside always mentioning the "rookies" I would also like to see something for the "casuals" ;-)
2012-03-07, 09:55
We need to bring more rookies 1st than they need to train to get better for being competitive players .
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