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Renzo  /  25 Feb 2009, 12:57
QTV 1.00 has been released!
After a too long wait the QTV version 1.00 has been released. While the release took a year longer than expected, the QTV team has been working get rid of all the annoying bugs and adding features that people might need or have requested, at least some of them.
Since this is an initial release, we will not be offering a changelog since there's no comparison point to previous version. However let's recap what's in this release:

UPDATED: Initial release notes, which is comparable to "changelog".

QTV Features:


Follow: Follows a commentator, instead of ID you can use nick too.

Autotrack: Uses serverside autotrack, just like when you are a spectator.

Lastscores: Checks the last scores of the games that have been played.

+cl_wp_stats: Weapon stats that work in QTV too.

Qtvusers: Lists observers connected to particular stream. (/cmd when using as normal spectator on server)

Spectalk: The ability to talk to the players during prewar, to the specs during game and between QTV'ers all the time.

Web interface: To simplify checking games being played on QTV. Allows downloading and streaming demos too.

Admin tools: Allows removing abusers, changing floodprot and such, checking clients.

Stream control: Allows setting password to the server preventing unauthorized QTVs or clients from connecting. Also allows adjusting of QTV's buffer if required (defaults to 7 seconds).

Other stuff: Vweps, multi-view, connection finetuning, smooth playback and A LOT of known limitations have been removed regarding demolist, demo name length, buffer sizes, user limits and much much more.

Some of the features mentioned are server-side, some are client-side and the rest are QTV-side. You should check QTV wiki for more information regarding anything you want to know.

You can find pre-compiled setup packages from the QTV site:

You can also check the release from SVN using address:

Issues list (bugs, feature requests) can be found from:

It goes without saying that this QTV release is recommended update. Admins should also use the latest release of MVDSV to make the most of it.
2009-02-25, 13:21
i love qtv!!
2009-02-25, 14:36
great work QTV crew \o/
2009-02-25, 16:56
we all like, keep it up!
2009-02-25, 17:14
Best spectating program ever!
gtv of q3 is a piece o`cake in comparison.

every newbie can use it, and thats very good for qw!
2009-02-25, 17:20
only thing left = qwlive
2009-02-25, 17:56
I checked and updated any and all obsolete or incorrect information on QTV wiki too, basically some links were outdated and there were some minor inconsistencies in commands section. Should be pretty up-to-date now.
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