Spirit  /  10 Jul 2008, 12:23
LunDM1 - Orange Whip
The beta was posted earlier and very well received. Now the final version is available.

2008-07-10, 12:24
Many thanks to Renzo for putting the map on the servers.
There also is a funny cartoony texture set:
Just rename the lundm1g/ folder inside to lundm1/
2008-07-10, 12:56
where is ftk ?

swi ??
2008-07-10, 13:35
looks really cool!!
and mushi it was KTK King of Tuesday/Thursday Kenya and no, I will not do it!

but the map rules, great work, I love the quad section + having 2 ya + 1 ga makes it more fun I believe, the low roof on the top floor owns, you better master it if you wanna own the map!

Nice work Matthew
2008-07-10, 13:42
ps. about the name, it totally rocks!
I remember the line from blues brothers
found it for you:
2008-07-11, 08:50
Yes of course you forgot to add suomicom there even if it was the first one to receive that map. I edited the news item
2008-07-11, 09:43
Duh, thanks!
2008-07-11, 14:40
Nice map, eats fps though :< cl_maxfps 500 goodbye!
2008-07-13, 16:10
Seemed really nice when I played a couple of duels on it.. Maybe this should get into tournaments some day?!!?
2008-07-13, 23:06
#8 Yeah, like that is going to happen.
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