Renzo  /  28 Jun 2008, 09:32
Cooperative mode in KTX
Remember a year ago or so when we had some coop servers running? Most of them got lost in the process when servers went down and there hasn't been a new home to them... yet.
Few days ago Qqshka added support for cooperative game mode in KTX so you can actually play the normal single player campaign in KTX server if you wish to. The command for this is:


And it also disables cooperative game mode once you're finished with it. I'm sure there are some bugs left in the code (like players telefragging each other after map change etc) but feel free to test this, you can find servers that support coop from: -> -> -> -> ->

Report any bugs/feature requests here.
2008-06-28, 10:09
N I C E !
perfect during prewars. GJ, lads
2008-06-28, 13:01
Just tested the co-op and it worked quite smoothly. But at e4m1 the server crashed constantly ( we tried it 3x times :> ) when some approached the first lift that leads to quad....
2008-06-28, 15:21
nice :] coop qw is always fun

/typo - giggage should be gibbage :p
2008-06-28, 15:32
is it possible to spec monsters?
2008-06-28, 18:44
Is this using Tonik's wicked cool "netquake" progs.dat support so one could play other mods?
2008-06-28, 19:03
Also make it so teamplay is enabled... too many tk's otherwise :p Plus we couldn't see tp messages even with same team.
2008-06-29, 14:59
The teamkills are REALLY anoying
2008-06-29, 15:11
Great! Finally co-op servers online! Weiiii
2008-06-29, 15:18
E4M1 bug is fixed but I haven't had the time to update yet, I'm still waiting for other fix that should allow people to vote ZTNDM3 again.

Yes, you read it right, and the map is not votable at this point. Damn stuffcmd
2008-06-29, 17:19
Well ok, updated just now. Hopefully everything works ok.
2008-06-30, 05:55
monsters must DIE!!

add more, moRE, MORE! monsters plz
2008-07-01, 21:11
is it possible to add a scoring system for every monster killed, secret revealed?
so the players can compete for a better score at the end of each level.

would add replay value to coop
2008-07-01, 22:40
> Is it possible to make monsters and items respawn?
And play 4on4 on e1m2 with monsters! :-D
2008-07-06, 20:18
Kickass idea VVD! That would be a wonderfull mess I'd sure like to try out =>
2008-07-06, 22:28
well, I obviously can done it, but it whould be real mess :>
2008-07-06, 22:29
Also monsters and items respawns now at nightmare skill plus some additional drops from monsters...
2008-07-07, 16:22
Those builds have been running on the servers mentioned in the main post since this morning, so test 'em.
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