Zalon  /  8 May 2008, 01:08
Bronze Final - Commentary Pack
Here is the full commentary pack, for all the 5 maps that was played this evening in the NQR Bronze Cup Grand Final.

Nafianna vs Quakeklan and Kryddturken as the commentator!
I have included a readme.txt to help people synchronize the mp3's with the demo.

See the NQR match report
Download the demo
Download the commentary pack

Have fun
2008-05-08, 01:13
Yeah, i know i've promissed a bunch of people to release both the SA-SD and the CSN-3B commentary packs, but they are really bad quality, so i have to work a bit more on those, and i wanted to get these out while they were HAWT, i'll get more time after the finals tomorrow, and then you'll all get yours..

Atleast i had time to watch this game with style:
2008-05-08, 02:35
who did the cummentary for these
2008-05-08, 03:40
2008-05-08, 06:04
Much appreciated! <3
2008-05-08, 06:19
excellent commentary
2008-05-08, 06:58
Wtf Phil, read what it says in the news item
2008-05-08, 09:23
zalon nice spectating experience. next time you should stream your webcam capturing. i would connect and we could "watching the game, having a bud"
2008-05-08, 12:09
Thx Zalon, great job!
2008-05-08, 14:29
ohh my god zalon, that spec-place seems hot! I will watch tonights finals on the TV 32" <3
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