Renzo  /  28 Dec 2007, 19:19
QTV ...coaching?
Progress, that's what I call it. How many of you know that you can actually stream real demos using QTV, and join the existing demo streaming made by someone? Yes, keep on reading and you can do it too.

REQUIREMENT: ezQuake 1.9 stable
So, where do you want to begin. Let's say you played some game few nights ago and you want to present it to your friends or teammates. So all you have to do is the following:

1) Go to QTV http page and select DEMOS

2) Select the demo you want to watch and open it with your ezQuake

3) Now your friends can find a temporary streamed demo from the LIVE section and open it with their ezQuake.

And that's it. It always goes like this, someone starts the demo streaming from DEMOS section and others can join the stream from LIVE section. All the QTV related other commands work too, so you can follow one observer (cmd follow id), you can chat and you can even demo_autotrack 1 if you wish. The demos that are being streamed will be repeated until the last observer of the demo leaves. This also causes the temporary stream disappear from the QTV http page live section.

Of course, we are still testing it and the implementation is not final as there are few things that need to be sorted out.

Also the demos are mostly limited to the machine QTV is running (I just made softlink from the demos directory of Suomicom servers) therefore running one QTV per server machine is recommended for this kind of usage. Of course you can always transfer demos from the other server machines to the machine where QTV lies but that adds more work.
2007-12-28, 19:41
wow! that is great feature! good job!
2007-12-28, 20:24
watch now! is screwed in Firefox

also with latest EZQ nightly build animations are borked.. no trails and shaft beams get stuck all over the map
2007-12-28, 21:08
Watch now! button does that with every browser every now and then, so it's a known issue. It should get fixed by itself in few moments, but I think we need to check what gives
2007-12-28, 22:03
Nice work.

+1 for using Opera
2007-12-28, 23:28
nice! the second screenshot in this news article is too wide.
2007-12-29, 00:10
Edit: made better one

Edited by Renzo on 29 Dec 07 @ 01:15CET
2007-12-29, 16:54
pics no worky
2007-12-29, 17:22 is so dead :\
2007-12-29, 19:46
whoa!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean........ WHOAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

greeeeeeeeeeat feature!
2007-12-30, 00:28
not so great, it's been around in q2 since ever it was introduced
2007-12-30, 06:18
Mr.Goqsane, are you absolutely sure about that? I knew that the Quake 2 community was able to play back demos, but a feature like this (at least as convenient like this, website, clicking a link etc) was beyond me.

Maybe it still is for the Quake 2 community. Do you think the Internet would be as popular if only the geeks were able to interpret the 1's and 0's? xD cheers
2007-12-30, 12:33
thats cool !

thx !!
2007-12-30, 13:41
Goqsane, yeah maybe, but it's also been in qw since '97
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