Ake Vader  /  2 Dec 2007, 19:46
Premiere at gangster's club
Tonight the gangster's club opens up its doors and you're free to step on right in. On this club they serve raw carnage in a metal wrapping.
What i'm really talking about is a new rocket arena map from the espanian quaker Deadly_sp. The name of this one is Gangster's club (dspra1) and just like his other creations, it is a very appealing map from a visual perspective. The colours are still the brown Quake theme but the textures are mixed in a very careful way, something that all mappers don't have the skills (or patience?) to do.

This is Deadly_sp's first rocket arena map and it has taken him about 20 hours of work to finish the creation. He is currently looking for ideas that he can use in a second rocket arena map that carries his signature. Make sure to give input on the current map or suggestions for his new rocket arena map in the comments!

Visit the official Gangster's club website or download the map right away!

The bsp file has been updated. The reason of this change is: "original ra entities has been added". Please re-download the map. Excuse me if it cause some problem.
2007-12-02, 20:20
Nice description Ake ! and thanks u for this great notice
2007-12-03, 01:00
Hmm, perhapse I'll start contributing to this someday, perhaps soon. I'm already giving input on every fault in ezq nightly builds.
2007-12-03, 07:47
This was made for ktx arena or what? does it use all the original arena entities?
2007-12-03, 19:34
No Zalon i dont know the entities that useds on original ra :s Is for the new KTX ra

Please people, redownload the map file, i do 1 change the last hour, excuse me!

LINK: or
2007-12-03, 22:18
It can easily be changed to regular RA map (which would be better imo) but Deadly is too much in a rush to release each time
2007-12-04, 19:04
Yes, this is true
2007-12-06, 17:55
#5 but the original ra entities are supported by KTX system? if is that YES, i go to fix it now.
2007-12-06, 20:08
They are no special RA entities
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