Renzo  /  23 Nov 2007, 04:16
RA mode in servers using KTX!
Wanted to try Rocket Arena one more time? Why noone ever puts up any rocket arena servers? Blah?

KTX devs need FEEDBACK on this, click on the title to read the rest...
Now is your chance. KTX has been modified so that it supports RA mode by simple command. To enable RA in KTX, you just need to type:

/cmd arena

And start fragging. You can play any map you wish using RA mode, but every time you change map you'll need to re-enable RA with that command given earlier. The servers currently supporting RA mode in KTX are:

Of course any properly configured server using the very latest KTX supports this mode, so bother server admins to update if you want to have it on certain servers.

To discuss about how RA should be implemented or the options missing or other things like that, please use KTX website forums, there is a special section for Rocket Arena:
(Yes, you need to have an account to be able to post, but it will be shared between QWTV/MVDSV/KTX and other projects websites)

Also, make sure to create bug reports or features requests to the same website if you tested RA with KTX and feels that need be:
(You can submit trackers as anonymous ie no account required, but an account is recommanded)

Have fun!
2007-11-23, 04:25
Get owned RA style! \o/
2007-11-23, 06:29
I hope KTX devs (COUGHdeurkCOUGH) update it so it's something easier like /rarena and doesn't need to be retyped after every map change =p
2007-11-23, 09:08
Shouldn't a rocket arena server work like an ffa server? You set it up on a dedicated port, players join when they feel like playing and leave when they're bored, no need to type /rarena or anything.
2007-11-23, 12:05
i disagree tonik. KTX has a great thing - flexibility. I like the idea of having a couple of KTX ports which are enough for all gamemodes (except TF). Fewer ports, fewer resources taken (cheaper/easier) but more options - this is also good for newcomers.
Only we (the oldies) like stuff like the old days, maybe because we have good memories. Fact is qw has changed and is changing to a better game and we better get used to inovation

Anyway, Im hoping that qwdev has some page where server admins can read how to setup the latest mvdsv+ktx+eztv
2007-11-23, 12:07
This is very cool addition. Nice.
2007-11-23, 12:18
Tonik you can do just that too. However, this way it doesn't take an additional port and can be played anywhere with using that single command. I think it's win-win situation for all.
2007-11-23, 15:04
mushi, the opinion I expressed has nothing to do with being an oldie. I've only played RA like 5 times in my life, the last time was on deurk's test server

You could be able to select ffa mode on ktx server (you can?), but does anyone ever do that? The whole point of ffa is that you don't care who you're gonna play against, you just want some opponents to shoot your rockets at, warm up and then maybe invite someone for duel/rpickup, it helps that you can find someone approximately your skill level by just looking at the scoreboard.

People have been practically ignoring RA for years despite there being lots of RA maps and some (not very good perhaps) servers. People use FFA and dmm4 instead.

If there is to be a revival of RA, I wonder if it could be FFA style rather than find-an-opponent-and-choose-RA-in-ktx. It will be a bit more leisurely style than ffa, so that you can connect and sit there, watch others play, chat with ppl and have your turn at playing every now and then.
2007-11-23, 15:27
You could be able to select ffa mode on ktx server (you can?), but does anyone ever do that?

I have one idle FFA port sitting doing nothing on Suomicom using "small" configuration. I don't see too many matches on Easy's pro-x either so I'm guessing people don't want to play these gamemodes or they are stuck at certain servers having horrible pings (50ms+ for everyone). This is why I don't want to waste server resources for stand-alone RA (or FFA) and I feel that if someone wants to play RA, he/she should be able to do it anywhere with by just single command.
2007-11-23, 16:30
Geez, I'm not even aware of news before a lot of people read them

Anyway, please use the KTX website forums for that discussion since I am really interested in having feedback. Feel free to submit bug reports if need be.

(Modified the article to include pointers for KTX website)
2007-11-24, 15:48
Hey, we are playing pro-x !
2007-11-24, 22:42
Yeah. I play pro-x with Zalon, ncp and Shadow on easy all the time. Usually other people also come in after a while since they see the busy server in their server browser I presume. Now if only the new version of pro-x would be released soon, we could play RA in pro-x with Zalon's modified maps.
2007-11-26, 13:53
Well, happy that you are enjoying pro-X. If you can give a try to KTX one and give some feedback that would be helpful
2007-11-26, 23:05
Why this is only for 1on1? Would be cool to have more players in it. 2on2 or just 1on1 with more players on the line.
2007-11-27, 15:50
Shaga, it is still a work in progress and is NOT is Clan Arena (XonX with same rules).

If you want more player than 2, get all your players together THEN issue the /cmd 1on1 and /cmd arena. Only 2 will be playing but all the others will be in queue.

Not perfect, as I said, work in progress
2007-12-01, 13:59
how about adding clan arena to it? its way cooler than ra and its awesome
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