sassa  /  3 Apr 2007, 16:45
The future of QuakeWorld
Empezar and JohnNy_cz are discussing the future of QW in their blogs.

On the forum mushis is getting massive of replies about how to make QW's future better for us and the beginners that want to try out the best game ever made, QW!
Both on the site and on the forum we got the discussion about how QW will end up in the future and how we can guide it to a different path.

Empezar talks about the importance of the pak1 maps, making it legal for distribution.
Here are some suggestions / thoughts:
* Make ezQuake detect the GPL maps and emulate the original ones (i.e. send the CRC checksum of the original dm6.bsp eventhough you only have dm6_gpl.bsp).
* Make ezQuake detect the GPL map textures and "translate" them so the GPL maps will use the same 24-bit textures as the original maps. This will remove the need of having double 24-bit textures, or having two different texture packs available for download.
* Make MVDSV accept the dm6_gpl.bsp CRC checksum, so clients other than ezQuake can play with the free maps at least on new servers.

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JohNny_cz give us a pov of how people will spectate games in the future, with only 3 steps they will be on the server with some link from quakeworld.nu
I hope that Spike soon fixes his QTV so that it can be set up on servers again and users can test observing QTV streams with ezQuake.
I watched one or two NQR matches using it and it's just like watching MVD except that you know that what you see is actually happening!
In TCP connection there's no chat support. But do you think I've missed the Qizmo chat... er, spam? Not at all.

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The future of QW thread on the forum has been active for a while now, with over 50 posts. Mushis is obliged to put QW on its correct path.
I hope this vision of mine is shared by some of you guys.
I only have one question: Is the 2) league enough to capture noobs? I don't think so. Imho we need to plan - now - what is going to happen after (some weeks later). noob FFA league can continue - what else? 2on2? might be good. wait for other nnql season? might be too late. or maybe not, depends on how much time we need to get this going.

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2007-04-04, 07:04
well, bill gates was asked about the feature 14 years ago and he said a computer dont need more as 640KB RAM
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