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Kombat FFA 2

What better way to kick off the new year than some ultimate quakeworld carnage. It is time for the 2nd edition of the Kombat FFA tournament.
In the first week of Janury 2022 it is time for another Kombat FFA show. The 1st edition was succesful and every frag was streamed on twitch. You can find everything on the Kombat FFA page; participants, results and streams.

Kombat FFA 2 will have some more familiar maps and maps that will deliver more frantic gameplay. All this to give spectators an even better show than last time. There was some really nice highlights in the first tournament and we will keep them and add some more.

The prize pool have also been raised and as usual the top 10 players get paid.

There will be qualifiers thursday and friday, and the grand final will be sunday night. Everything will be streamed on suddendeathTV, casted by andeh and link.

On the Kombat FFA 2 home page you will find the signup link, our discord, rules and more info.

Stalkerrh have been awesome and he put up a FFA server that rotates the 12 maps that are going to be played in the tournament:

So what are you waiting for? Go signup and start praccing \e/
2021-11-08, 22:41
Seems I need to brush up on my FFA skills
Missed the last one...
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