Link  /  3 Mar 2021, 10:57
GetQuad KI Season 2 teams are finalized
GetQuad Kenya Invitational Season 2 teams ready.
We have a new signup record for a kenya tour: 59 players signed up and we will have 10 teams playing a "short" tournament. The 10 teams will be placed in 2 groups of 5. Top 4 to quarterfinals. We will announce group draws.

First games can start when GQ4 semis are done. Discord channels will be up asap so the teams can start organizing.

The teams:

Aviators - Raket, Skurk, Stalkerrh, Premortem, Fgh, Link
Thugs - Glad, Samon, Flamer, Thunder, Billy The Kid
Dorsaea - Spliffy, Klice, Gore, Sae, Lordlame
Crazies - Creature, Gamer, Tumult, Toma, Dib
Poland - Insane, Blassy, Maks, Shamoth, Macler, Grl, Riki, Ponczek, Tom
Safari Bulldozer - Gor, Zeppski, Pattah, Knasty, Petska
Pulsar - Baresi, Nidweyr, Meag, Timon
Cocks - Jon, Diki, Henu, !Nico, Finalexit
Mutants - Milton, Praxismo, Ocoini, Mads, Kip
Hooligans - Hangtime, Andy, Shaka, Rghst

Standins - Blixem, Hammer, Nautilus, Alice, Ostx, Anni. If you want to be a standin just PM Link on the GetQuad Discord. Standins must standin for players with "equal" skill levels.

See this article for more info.
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