Ake Vader  /  9 Dec 2020, 20:34
Christmas gift of the year: a Bachelor of QW 4on4
An initiative was taken by Doomie to start a Discord server dedicated to learning the art of QuakeWorld 4on4. The thought is to gather low level players and have both active coaching (in-game, usually on Thursdays) and passive coaching (demo reviews etc) after pickup games in order to improve more rapidly compared to fragging in the dark on one's own.

Low level players with little to no experience in QW4on4 are welcome to join. If you can't join in on the coaching sessions, then there's always the possibility to hang around, soak up any written info or watch VOD's and join the odd pickup games on other days instead.

If you aren't in the target group yourself, perhaps you know someone who is? In that case, do yourselves a favor and get your friend a free Bachelor of QW 4on4 for Christmas by directing them to this excellent resource.

QW 4on4 bootcamp Discord server
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