ocoini  /  4 Nov 2020, 21:52
Winter season - 4on4 activity for everyone - Welcome to the GetQuad!

We are super excited to host another season of GetQuad and hope you all, regardless of skill level, want to join us in playing some 4on4 QW this winter in organized teams that lead to fair matches!
The GetQuad! draft is a tournament where selected trusted players of our community acts as Captains. They pick their players in contest with other Captains over a draft – and 'leads' their picked teams of QW players into regular 4on4 matches from winter to spring.

The sign up is open – here.
The sign-up will close on the 18'th November.
It's required that you are present on the GetQuad! discord:

We are offering a map pool of DM2, DM3, E1M2, Schloss and CMT4.

We appreciate if everyone signs up as soon as possible – especially if you could be a captain for a team, as the captains will likely be picked before sign-up close.
At the time of this news post we are at 49 players that has already signed up.

The GetQuad! 4 draftshow will be hosted by Andeh of SuddenDeathTV on the 22'th of November together with the captains.

The games will start soon after – with one game a week schedule for each team (except a Christmas break from the 18'th December to 3'rd January. (can still play games if you manage of course.)


The Structure

As many are aware of; we are offering change to the structure of the teams.
We are not locked into this new structure – we are open to changing it should signups or other reasons make it unfeasible to accomplish.

Change is scary and though some of you might feel we are moving into 'uncharted waters':
We firmly believe this is the way to go forward to tackle some of the 'problems' in activity, 'permanently' benched players, stand-in-pool, and slowly bridging the skill gap between players over time.

Understanding how we plan to structure the teams takes some effort – but once you get your head around how the squads work we hope you will feel it makes sense.
For Hangtime's detailed explanation click here - work in progress.

The brief explanation of what we are aiming for:
Two divisions(div), run separately and simultaneously.
Div One - Div Two.

A Squad will contain both a div1-Team and div2-Team.
(An “A team” and a “B team”.)

The Div1-Team and Div2-Team will have their own separate captain.

The Div1-captain and Div2-captain – will know before the draftshow that they are collaborating on the same overall squad.
They can collaborate on picking their squad in the draft, and will be together the entire season, along with the players they pick.

Div1-Team of three players is picked by div1-captain.
Div2-Team of three or four players are picked by div2-captain.

The entire squad (players from both teams) can play in any Division One matches - without restrictions.
Division 1 Captain can call on anyone from the team to fill in on special maps, and we encourage it.

The Div1-third pick(from the draft) AND and the Div2-Captain can play in Division Two – with restrictions:
- They cannot play at the same time.
- The div1-third pick has to have NOT played his previous Division One game.
Other information:
- The squads will be displayed as separate teams on the GetQuad site. (You can have your own team names).
- Gameplay rules are likely to be the same as GetQuad! Draft Season 3, though making adjustments to incorporate new structure where needed.
- Everything will be collected soon at the GetQuad! 4 wiki.

This newspost contained quite a lot of information - if you have questions, suggestions or feedback – we will try our best to answer and engage in conversation with you on the GetQuad channel on discord, GetQuad! discord or the comment field bellow.
We are, as said before, not locked to doing this structure or playing those maps, we can change, but we feel we have very strong arguments for why it will work.

After the AllStars match on the 15'th November – the signup close three days after, hopefully you all signup way before that, so we can start the games as fast as possible.

Good luck and Have fun from the GetQuad 4! crew:
Hangtime, Nidweyr, Skurk, Link, Viag, Andeh, Xantom, Toma & Ohl
2020-11-05, 07:55
Good job! Can't wait for that season!
2020-11-07, 17:03
Oh yeah, looking forward to this !
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