fourier  /  10 Sep 2020, 20:22
Thunderdome 14 registration has been started!

With the Fall starting to deliver us more dark and rainy days, the interest in QW raises significantly after the summer break. Now we are happy to announce a new fourteenth season of Thunderdome. The registration is open now until 25th of September. 26th of September is "div-whine day". The season officially starts on 27th of September 2020.
The winners of the last season:This season features the same map pool as Thunderdome 13 (AEROWALK, BRAVADO, CATALYST, MONSOON (textures), SHIFTER, TOXICITY_TEST2 and ZTNDM3) and no changes in rules.
gl_outline is allowed, but current releases of the ezQuake doesn't allow it in ruleset thunderdome: ask meag for new release or build ezQuake self - we can share the patch.

Join our Discord server for more information and scheduling of the games. Alternatively one can find admins on IRC channel #Thunderdome QuakeNet server.
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