fourier  /  16 Mar 2020, 20:16
Thunderdome 13 registration has been started!

While the last season Thunderdome 12 due to various reasons lasted way too long, it has been finally finished. It's time to start the new spring season! The registration is open now until 27th of March.
28th of March is "div-whine day". The season officially starts on 29th of March 2020.
The winners of the last season:
This season features the same map pool as Thunderdome 12 (AEROWALK, BRAVADO, CATALYST, MONSOON, SHIFTER, TOXICITY_TEST2 and ZTNDM3) but a new change in rules concerning the ping difference. This change is supposed to provide players with different pings equally comfortable (or equally uncomfortable) conditions. We hope this could help players to play close to their comfort zone or at least initiate a more engaging discussion about ping differences by the end of the season.

Join our Discord server for more information and scheduling of the games. Alternatively one can find admins on IRC channel #Thunderdome QuakeNet server.
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