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All division games have now been played and we are set for the playoffs: Semifinals, bronze finals and grand finals coming up. Best of 5 maps. Let the showdown commence.
Last night the last decisive playoff-spot game was played and we now have a conclusion. Both divisions are done and we cut the teams to half: Best of 5 maps semifinals coming up:

#1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3

Division 1

As we can see from the division 1 table, two teams stood out during the divison games and they ended up playing each other in the last game in what some ppl called a "pre-final". The Bogeymen lost their first map of the tournament but eventually won the game 2-1, racking up 100 % wins...but not 100 % Bps' big disappointement :>

But as teams now have 6 games under their belt things will be different; playoffs are a different animal and the more you practice, the better you get. Can the Bogeymen keep cool and go to the final? Or will the Hippos get their a-game going? Time will tell. In the other semifinal we got a real great showdown of 2 great teams, with the superstars Xantom and Paradoks in each corner. I real classic matchup this for those of you who have been around for 15-20 years.

Shivers down my spine!

Division 2

Glad's Royal Baggers also made a 100 % record, with the Lunatics looking over their shoulder. The Royal Baggers will face the Penetrators and they probably are huge favorites to advance. But Dago is a real smart customer and what will he do in this game? Will we see some suprise maps? Will Rambo save the day? We must wait and see :> The other semifinal is a little bit more open, i would say a 50/50 game: Luntatics vs Nerds. I guess the team with the best form this day will advance.

As usual remember to check in to DISCORD for all the latest news and streams to follow games. The playoffs might start this weekend!

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Stay tuned!
2019-12-06, 14:53
great job admins, ty all for the hard work in making this happen. love*
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