RaggA  /  18 Jan 2019, 16:40
Get2Gether: Second Edition - Groups announced and start date.
The sign ups are closed, the divisions are finalized and Get2Gether Second Edition is ready to kick off this Sunday, 20th January. Get Hyped!
A grand total of 32 teams have entered this seasons competition. Same as last season there will be two stages, a group round robin followed by an elimination bracket. The group stage kicks of on 20th January with the deadline for all week 1 games on 26th January.
You can find the rules, divisions, groups and match schedule on the tournament wiki page HERE.

For reporting matches could the winning teams please post the result along with a compressed archive (.zip .rar etc.) of the demo files to the #get2gether channel on the main Quakeworld Discord.

Should you require any help or have any queries over the course of the competition, the tournament admin team (and discord ID's) are...
Tummen (tummen#9490)
Greco (greco#9354)
RaggA (RaggA#0735)

On behalf of the admin team I would like to wish all competitors the best of luck.

Have fun and happy fragging!
2019-02-12, 10:16
hi i would like to inform that er is recently on vacation and will be back 18.02.19
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