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Maps & Textures
2022-11-03, 08:10
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Oct 2022
Intense map suitable for 2-8 players, 1on1, 2on2.

Items: 2 x RL, 1 x LG, 2 x GL, 1 x SNG, 1 x NG, 1 x SSG, 1 x RA, 1 x YA, 1 x GA, 1 x MH, 1 x Q. 1x Penta, 1 x Ring, 1 x Quad.

There's a central three story building with Quad at the bottom and Red Armor at the top, with lots of action in rooms and sewers around it. I tried to make it look close to official quake levels, by using the vanilla textures, but with colored lighting and other nice things. It has two rocket launchers, one LG and two GL.

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