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2022-09-06, 06:00
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Feb 2008
Been looking for this map, "The Edge of Oblivion"

Used to love playing this map years ago. Don't have this map anymore and lost the "Scourge of Armagon" pack, Steam doesn't have it in their store anymore either.

I read that this map now has an enhanced version and I am looking for it.

Anyone by chance have a copy?

2022-09-12, 11:55
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Jan 2006
Might be this:
2022-09-15, 17:04
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Dec 2020
fraggin wrote:
Steam doesn't have it in their store anymore either.

It no longer shows on steam as it now comes with the base game
The map loads fine in ezquake but im not sure if there are any items missing as its made for the expansion

Its also in the rerelease version so i guess this is the enhanced one you heard about, likely the only change is coloured lighting and maybe some fixed texture alignment, if you have the steam version it'll be in steamapps\common\Quake\rerelease\hipnotic
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