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2021-07-19, 17:36
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Jul 2021
Hi All. Need a little help here. I just bought a Zowie XL2411K 144hz monitor which is not working with my notebook Asus Rog Zephyrus GU502GU, i7-9750H CPU 2.60GHz, RTX2070 6gb (errormsg: No cable connected!). I'm using a hdmi 2.0 standard cable, but it is not working at all (tested another hdmi undentified version old cable, nothing happens). I guess it is not a cable issue since my nvidia control pane identifies the monitor once plugged. I could also check it is identified on System > Display > Advanced Display Settings, but I'm unable to detect/select it on Display. Btw, since my last tries (I'm not sure what exactly I've changed), if I plug hdmi cable on notebook, it screens goes black too. Already tried all projection options, but nothing happens. I Hope anyone can help. Thanks in advance.
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