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2021-02-07, 16:49
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Sep 2015
Thunderdome ruleset will be limiting this to maximum value 5 (thunderdome also allows cl_rollalpha).

Example from baresi of exploiting high values here

Would anyone have objections to this restriction being implemented in smackdown, qcon etc?

Even a value of 5 seems quite a strong effect, can see comparisons here
2021-02-08, 08:34
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Jan 2006
No objections, your honor. Sounds good.
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2021-02-08, 08:45
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Jul 2007
As long as rollalpha is blocked, I'm fine. Let them have 360 then ...
2021-02-09, 13:46
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Aug 2011
Rollalpha capped to 3. Rollangle whatever you want.

The purpose is to get a hint of how your opponent if strafing, which you can get with low values, and also reduce the peek-a-boo-effect. To have your own screen tilt doesn´t seem to give any obvious advantages.
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