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2019-10-23, 02:18
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Oct 2008
Calling ALL Quakeworld TF fans!!

What: 'Rock2ober' - annual 32 player, 2 hour, marathon game of the map 'Rock2'

Mod: 'Attackers Go Red' (AGR)

When: Saturday 26th October 2019, at 23:00 GMT/UTC [Convert this to your timezone here:]


Who: Vanilla TF fans, CustomTF fans, MegaTF fans, CTF fans, TWCTF fans, anyone who misses 32 player Quakeworld games, or who would like to experience one for the first time. Yes, Attackers Go Red is ‘different’ but hey, the core idea is ‘Blue defends flag’ / ‘Red captures flag’, so anyone who has ever played Team Fortress will be up to speed in no time

Why?: Because I miss 32 player Quakeworld games, and I know a LOT of other people do too. So once a year, I put the call out to ALL TF players, and ask them to gather at the same time, in the same place, to recreate that "server full" feeling, like days of old. I dubbed the event "Rock2ober", and we've done it every year since 2008. The mod 'Attackers Go Red' (AGR) means ALL reds attack, and ALL Blues defend, creating an especially intense gaming experience, as ALL 16 Blues fight ALL 16 Reds. There will be an intermission between the two games, because if things go according to plan, you will need it. There will be pre-match entertainment, and other once a year surprises for those who arrive at 23:00GMT sharp.

More Info:

See you there!!

ps Google "rock2ober" and check out some of the (ancient but still exciting) promos we've done over the years!
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