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2019-06-05, 03:40
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Jun 2019
Hi there,

I have no skills to edit a map. So I'm posting my request here if anyone is willing to do it.

It's a small edit to Q3DM12, the Dredwerkz. Actually, there are 3 modifications:

1) Erase the BFG from this map

2) Add a third place for power-ups where the BFG currently is. But not for another Quad damage or Regeneration power up, but for a random powerup (Haste, Invisibility, etc.)

3) Change the BFG ammo next to the Light Armor to a Megahealth.

I guess this should improve the map. At least for my taste, that is.
2019-06-06, 06:19
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Feb 2006
There is no BFG in QW?
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