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LAN tournaments
2019-05-02, 17:36
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Feb 2006
For people without a car or other ways to get to the LAN, ask for pickup in here.

Let us know if you have room in your car, or need a pickup, so we can list it in this post.

flintheart is driving from from Malmö (Southern Sweden) to QHLAN, he has room for 4 people and have a big car. He can do pickups in Malmö or Copenhagen. | Official forum thread | Fundraiser | Renting | Need a ride
2019-05-17, 21:53
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Jan 2006
I would need a ride, from Copenhagen airport (CPH).

pickup at CPH at around 20h15, friday 30/August
leave the lan at most at 17h, monday 02/sep, ride back to CPH

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