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2018-11-15, 18:24
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Hi, there!

Thought I would just start a thread to discuss the discord channel management.

From what i gathered - the idea was to keep discord channels to a minimum. That is good.
However when we run events - it's a lot easier to run these from separate channels.

When the idea is to gather people under one roof as a main objective, it is counter productive that people that wants to run events do so on other discords.

Having one events channel can be a time waste for people just needing to find out who they are playing next in x.
Say if we ran this spawnfraggin and allstars on the same channel that showdown and thunderdome was discussed.
I would have gone completely insane - and the channel would have been flooded with msgs most of which are totally irrelevant for most.

There are gonna be several new events in the coming 2019 year and beyond.

We are going to end up having separate discords for different events, which goes against the hope of trying to unify the players a little bit?
Unless manages to give organizers a chance to apply for discord channel creations. Channels could be removed when an event is over...

Thunderdome should at the very least get a seperate channel as the only lasting long running event.

maybe its not a big deal at all... dunno- on irc we had diferent channels under one roof- now we are going to have several roofs (wof wof!) with separate channels under them again...
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2018-11-17, 22:37
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Completely agree with the issue here, there's a lot of noise with the tournaments going on at the moment (even following conversations about what matches are next, I am getting confused), and more general conversations sometimes leaking into #events. There should be a new #events channel for each tournament, but that's another channel everyone will have to mute if they don't have the server itself muted. Then just delete the channel when the tournament is over.

Alternative is to stick to what seems to be Discord's design, and create a new 'server' for each tournament, and send invites to those participating. This would also keep the noise down. People can just leave the server once they're not interested. I would say this is cleaner and solves the problem, but a large benefit of the 'single' discord server is that you it's useful to find the person you need to play, and you can tag people who are generally very inactive. I doubt they'd all join a new discord server unless it was made mandatory (i.e. the only way to signup).

Also, I've never used anything but the web browser so don't know how annoying notification/server-interface is on other systems.

But yes, I agree with your point and for the sake of herding cats to join a new server, probably go with new channels on the existing server.
2018-11-29, 10:38
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Nov 2018
Agree as well !!
ATM HAMMER TIME QUAKE DUEL LEAGUE has created it's own server with diferent channels for each divison schedulling and ONE FOR GENERAL CHAT just for this event and will be deleted right after it's finished.
I think all tournaments and events should follow the same example as it makes things run smoother, easier and less "messy".
If would create a section for "events" and channels within that section for each event, giving permition to join ONLY the sign-up players, would be fantastic !!


And don't forget ... IT'S HAMMER TIME !!!
HammerTime !
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