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2018-01-02, 07:10
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Sep 2015
Just wanted to get feedback on the KTX pause feature, which it seems people don't know about or just don't trust right now.

Currently it's available to admins, or everyone if "pausable" flag is set server-side. So to pause a game you'd have to elect an admin, which makes it valid for "we need to pause" situations, rather than than "it's a duel and my opponent is hanging". When unpausing the game everyone get a 2 second warning before the unpause happens.

Some bugs that have been reported before:

1) Userinfo spam detection code still kicked in when game was paused, so people could be kicked for toggling console too often - fix on github
2) KTX flood protection still kicked in when game was paused, so people couldn't speak - fix on github
3) Server didn't unpause when game was ended, along with #2 the server could get into a peculiar state - fix on github
4) Items still respawn when the game is paused - tested last night and couldn't replicate. Old bug?

Are there any other bugs/problems known about with /pause? Spectator experience, issues reconnecting? The fixes so far won't be on every server so I'm not advising you rely on them yet, but it would be good if the next versions of ktx/mvdsv had something more usable.
2018-01-02, 08:35
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Jan 2006
Good that pausing gets an overhaul.

* I dislike a 2 second countdown. Why not 10s, like initial countdown.
* Centerprint countdown with the ticksound.
* Tab in on resume.
* Cooldown until you can pause again (30s?) to prevent abuse?
* Minimum pause time (10s?) so it cannot be instantly resumed by raging opponent?
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2018-01-02, 09:39
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Feb 2011
Maybe a majority vote to UNpause instead of admin forcing it? Like if it's a 4on4 and the admin pauses because someone is timing out, it might take a couple minutes for the person to reconnect, and during that time one of the existing players might not be ready during the unpause (phonecall, bathroom break, sauna, ...). So, majority means that at least one person from each team voted to unpause (e.g. 4 from 1 team and 1 from the other). In duel this means that both players need to agree on the unpause, which is fine. Same in 2on2, you'd assume that the 3rd person wouldn't /unpause before checking that his teammate is ready.

While we're at it, how about a majority vote to /pause (in addition to the admin power), just like /break?

Also I can't remember how long it's been since I played in a match that was paused, but there's some distant memory about the gameclock being off when unpausing? Or maybe only when going to overtime? Or maybe that was only in the rare cases where the server freezes for a few seconds (basically seems like all players have 100% pl), I'm pretty certain in that case when the server "wakes up" then the item respawn timings are all screwed up with respect to the game clock? I guess this is related to meag's #4.
2018-01-03, 17:16
News Writer
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Nov 2008
Any reason admin status is required? What about player status?

Many games are played without an admin of a tournament currently on the server and the players themselves probably shouldn't elect admin before (and during) the game.

If something happens during a game that requires a pause, electing admin (and hoping for yes votes) to then pause could still take a long time. I see no reason why a player shouldn't be able to pause without having to elect admin (in which case any vote he'd do would go through, including break, map choices etc).
2018-01-05, 11:07
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Jan 2006
To toggle pause/unpause, I think "majority" vote of at least 49% would be ideal.
IF all the related issues are addressed, like demo recording, gameclock,etc.
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