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2017-11-29, 19:47
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Nov 2016
anyone know or have xaviors mega team fortress extreme server files? to run on linux?

i want to run a server here in the USA

im already running 3 qwmtf quake servers at a data center in kansas i own

i want to put up a 4th mtf extreme server.. i cant seem to get ahold of xavior to get them

im running mvdsv 0.27 XE and the same progs as amnesia, different from tastyspleen.

if someone can give me these gems ill be forever greatful
2017-12-04, 14:19
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Apr 2017

See if this helps
I'm not into the TF scene
2017-12-12, 11:41
News Writer
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May 2006
I know his emails. Ask me in private message.
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