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2017-07-17, 18:35
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Sep 2015
Mentioned this before, but I've been adding a mode to KTX, /hoonymode2v2 or /hoonymode4v4. Each team picks their spawns (or leaves empty, for random spawns), and then there are a number of rounds (multiple of 2): in odd-numbered round the teams get their spawns, and on the next round they alternate. Unlike hoonymode it isn't one death to end the round, it's time-based - during the round, spawns are completely random. Rounds don't count for scoring or deciding the match, it's all down to frags, so if the spawns favour one side slightly it doesn't matter.

Reasoning for adding this mode is:

1) When the skill gap between the teams is large, 4 rounds of 5 minutes on a map should be more interesting than 1 team getting maplock 2 minutes in and stomping the opponent for 18 minutes.
2) On short round lengths, it lets new players practise spawn strategy over and over, and keeping track of enemy weapons at the start of a game
3) It's a stepping stone towards a 'replay this scenario' idea that dopeskillz & I have been discussing/half-implementing for a long time now, so kind of needed done anyway.

The bots support it but you have to manually choose spawns for red & blue teams at the start (and their starting strategies are often... bot-like). I'd like (not just for when playing vs bots, but as a default for all players) to have spawns pre-selected by default, to give fair (or at least, unbalanced in an interesting way) rounds.

For that, I need a list of 'fair' spawns for the standard maps, for 2on2 and 4on4. Examples:

dm3 (4on4):
- One team (red) gets yellow spawn, the other team (blue) needs a lift spawn, otherwise no race to pent.
- Red should get pent, so blue gets RL spawn, red gets red tunnel
- One each for corridor spawns, which team should get which? RA side slight advantage - blue?
- ... then there should then be a telefrag on each side

etc. The spawns alternate between the teams each round, so again - it doesn't need to be perfectly fair, just enough to avoid fullstarts.

Then there's another issue: pent/ring respawns. Depending on round length, these may well not happen - should I leave this as it is, or reduce respawn times for these items in this game mode? Most maps not affected, but dm3 might be better off with pent spawn at 4 minute mark or something.

All thoughts/opinions welcome.
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