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2017-05-22, 12:04
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Jan 2006
I'm doing a short but intense comeback, and reviving Suddendeath of old glory for a 10 day marathon hopefully filled with many great games.

Now, we're loooking to prepare and maybe schedule opposition.
Ideally we'd love to play a classic tVS-lineup - or why not Slackers - but I suppose some sort of mix composition will be just fine. Simply good players that wanna play some high pressure games.

This is thought to happen at nights, weekdays, between 12-21 June 2017. Throw a comment here or on Discord if you wanna book something!

bps - all in, 12-21 june (not 13th)
carapace - available
Rikoll - available 11-15 June
mawe - “Vore kul att dra en match isf! Blir nog inget nötande men kul att prova matchstället igen”
rio - available
ganon - available
razor - replied: kan lägga in datumet i kalendern.. men törs inte lova något :slight_smile: men vore kul o kanske köra nån match
reppie - sounds awesome! count me in
LocKtar - 12-14 june
rst - probably not gonna have gaming equipment to play

others? sign up!

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Join us on
2017-05-22, 17:24
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Apr 2017
That would be awesome
Do it please
I just would love that comeback, vs great clans
Can you try f0m, xterm was playing like 2 months ago, maybe he can call others
You said why not slackers
Why not CMF

A suggestion, contact also old players that sporadically come to play recently.
I remember of Fix, Griffin, Xterm, Mazer, Maga
And also the guys who went to QHLAN

I don't have anybody contact, otherwise I would help in making things going on
2017-05-23, 08:38
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Feb 2006
That's really a great initiative! It's been way too long since we last saw some really nice 4on4 action. QHLAN was a bit disappoint in terms of 4on4. Sure we had two pretty decent teams competing, but everybody just looked really rusty, and the games were also really few!

I'll happily play in a mix team against you. Although I would rather see some great games between SD and tVS, SR, CMF, FS, LA, KOFF etc.
2017-06-01, 11:28
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Nov 2006
Sounds awesome! Count me in
2017-06-01, 17:56
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Sep 2016
I'll play from 14th June onwards
2017-06-01, 23:14
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Feb 2011
Weekdays are tough (unless you all stay up late), but I'm in on the weekend!
2017-06-02, 08:03
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Feb 2006
So bps wants hot men. We always knew
2017-06-03, 15:17
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Jan 2015
reppie wrote:
Sounds awesome! Count me in

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