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2017-04-12, 19:14
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Sep 2014
I'll start:

One slot vacancy at team m00.
Current skill level: low
Current roster: z0mbie90, lurq, praxismo, RaggA, xZeitx
Activity: high
Goals: Encouragement. Analysis. Improvement. Lots of games. Mid table finish by the end of the current season.
Requirements: Good attitude. Willingness to play regular 4on4 in the evenings. A desire to improve. Moderate reliability. Total willingness to experiment with best effort and ability when there is disagreement or doubt around choices agreed upon by the team. Good and regular communication.
Favourite maps in pool: Schloss, cmt3, cmt4.
Contact: prax, lurq, RaggA, or z0mbie90. Regularly seen on discord and qw servers.

Position filled by molgrum.

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2017-04-13, 23:52
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Nov 2013
like me ?
2017-04-18, 21:33
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Jan 2013
good luck all
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