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2017-02-27, 01:30
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Feb 2017
Hello Quakers!!

I'm old player that want to enjoy quakeworld again..
I downloaded NQUAKE, with ezquake v3.0.1, very good by the way. but i have some doubts. If someone could help i'm will be grateful!

My notebook is a Lenovo E520 - I5.2410 CPU 8gb ram, 128gb ssd with Intel HD Graphics 3000. It's not very good, i know! But, let's go:

My PL is very high, around 20..30 in diffent servers. What's the reason? Do you know some commands that would reduce to 0?

I will also glad if someone could inform some commands to improve the FPS.

My confing is here:

I have other doubts and I will ask your help again in a second moment.

Thanks in advance!e
2017-02-28, 01:33
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Jan 2013
About PL: You're not playing on wifi?

About fps: Try to add these commands to the bottom of your config, see if it gets better. It will remove some eyecandy and stuff.

gl_nailtrail "0"
gl_part_gunshots "0"
gl_part_trails "0"
gl_part_spikes "0"
gl_caustics "0"
gl_clear "0"
r_rockettrail "0"
gl_part_explosions "0"
r_dynamic "0"
r_fastturb "1"
r_fastsky "1"
gl_motiontrails "0"
r_particles_count "0"
gl_clipparticles "1"
gl_part_blobs "0"
gl_part_inferno "0"
gl_part_lavasplash "0"
gl_part_telesplash "0"
gl_particle_fire "0"
gl_particle_trail_detail "1"
gl_particle_trail_lenght "1"
gl_particle_trail_type "1"
gl_particle_trail_width "1"
gl_alphafont "0"
cl_novweps "1"
gl_lighting_colour "0"
gl_lighting_vertex "0"
gl_turbfog "0"
gl_turbfogDensity "1"
gl_max_size "16384"
gl_texturemode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR"
gl_texturemode2d "GL_LINEAR"
sys_highpriority "1"
2017-02-28, 10:07
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Mar 2008
Let me guess: you have a copper cable connection?
2017-03-03, 04:04
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May 2013
Hey dude.
Erlend has pointed out some things that can improve your client side performance. But as someone who lives in Northern Ireland I can tell you, if you are unfortunate enough to live in a location with bad routing then PL is something you are going to have to live with . However.. connectivity around the world is getting better every day, so don't give up hope
2017-03-06, 19:25
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Apr 2009
brandao.... PL e causa do internet ruim. posivelmente como ja pergunto rikoll se tu tem cabo como conexao... pq se e assim vai ter q sofrer ata que pode consiguir DSL o Fibra
2017-03-08, 01:26
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Feb 2017
Many thanks for the answers!

I really have played QW using wifi, my notebook is close of the router, but I can't use cable.

I have another router more older (d-link DI-524) than that I have used (intelbras), actually both are old, I know rs
I changed the router and my PL decrease a lot. Now, my PL is 0 until 10, isn't the best, but it's better.
I did another test using cable and the PL for a short time was 0. I continue doing some tests!

Again, thanks you a lot!
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