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2016-08-26, 17:52
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Aug 2011
Gamer with success in the USA

Rough translation into english:

Gamer with success in the USA
Team Rune with Erik "carapace" hman from Boden and Dennis "LocKtar" Larsson from Stockholm came in second place in QuakeWorld at QuakeCon in Dallas. The winnings, 7000 USD.

So they won 59.000 SEK for playing a computer game one day.

Erik hman, 31, have been doing E-Sports since he was eleven years old.
E-Sports is competition in computer games, which can be anything from console
or mobile games to the more traditional computer games.

- It was my brother who started. He is three years older and played with his
friends. I thought it looked incredibly cool and wanted to try it out.

And you wanted more?
- Thats an understatement. It became a theme throughout my upbringing.

What made you wanting more?
- Community, you meet friends from all over the world. It opens doors and
you make contacts, that would otherwise have been hard to get. The other
major part is the competition. Its addictive to get better and compete.

The convent he was attending is called QuakeCon 2016. Con stands for
convent. Its annual. Quake is the game theyre playing and one day was
for QuakeWorld only, which you can play either as a duelist or in a team.

- It was a pretty generous prize pool. First place got 12.000 USD, second
place 7000 and third place 3000.

But, Erik explains, it is actually a small prize pool since its a small game.
The largest prize pool is for Dota2. Over 20 million USD is handed out in
the largest tournament with 16 teams competing for the prize money.

In the competition in Dallas there was also 16 teams participating and the
competition was a knockout tournament. During the summer the participants
have been competing in three seeding/qualification tournaments.

- The goal was to reach top2. We said that if wed end up in second place
wed be content, everything else was a bonus, says Erik hman.

It is the first time hes competing for prize money.

- Since I cant support myself on E-Sport I can not put down as much time
I would need to become the best. It would be cruel not being able to be
content with your effort even if you dont win. Im playing to win for sure,
but you have to be a realist.

The sport isnt acknowledged as a real sport in Sweden, yet, says Erik hman.
Countries that have acknowledged it are among others Denmark, Italy and South Korea.

The game, QuakeWorld, is about killing your opponent as many times as possible.
- You have to control the resources you have.
The resources is in a map and consist of health, armor and weapons. When you have
control over them your opponent is denied access to them and your chances of winning
the next fight are increased.

What do you work with?
- Ive been working as a gunner at the main battle tank squadron at I19, but Im now
serving under a more time restricted contract to be able to finish my studies as a
fire protection engineer.

Erik hman will never stop gaming. Like other sports the way to success is your love
for the competition, your burning interest and talent. He has always been tinkering
with computers and puts his own computers together himself.
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2016-08-27, 06:18
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Feb 2008
QuakeWorld making it into the news, who would have thought nowadays
2016-08-27, 06:19
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Sep 2012
Var man inte beredd p nr man lste morgontidningen i fikarummet, bra jobbat mannen! <3
2016-08-27, 07:18
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Jan 2006
It's just friggin' awesome
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2016-08-27, 09:08
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Aug 2011
glidaren wrote:
Var man inte beredd p nr man lste morgontidningen i fikarummet, bra jobbat mannen! <3

Haha, GLIDARN! Det var inte igr
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2016-09-01, 00:53
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Nice one Cara.
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