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2016-02-29, 20:17
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Feb 2016
So the big tourney is on its way, and the competition will flourish once again. I wont participate because i sux, but im curious about few things. My question is what exercises, or practices you do to get better in qw?
Before i play qw, i play on guitar(fingerstyle), and do fingerstrechings like this:
I realised it helps my movement by a LOT, so let me/us know if you have something usefull in your mind.

Health preserving techniques are also very important, such as yoga, or swimming because lot of playing can seriously damage the spinal disks, and the shoulders.
2016-03-01, 08:18
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Sep 2014
From climbing, I learned about using a rice bucket for improving grip strength; rehabilitation of tendons/pulleys; general warmup. Because I've got the rice bucket right next to my computer, I discovered it is also an excellent way of warming up the hands and wrists for quake. I also recommend it for anyone that has an injury in their hand, wrist or forearm.

Some techniques
2016-03-01, 17:34
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Jan 2006
Not really a warmup exercise as such, but playing as many high paced games as possible to literally get that warm fuzzy feeling in your body, which makes you feel "one with the game", is certainly a good way to prepare for important games. Even a few rounds of FFA can help getting you worked up. I also avoid playing short sleeved in order to stay warm. Also avoid playing while hungover (a beer or two just before the game might help ease the nerves though, but more is probably not recommended ). Also make sure you're not hungry so you can stay focused.
2016-03-01, 17:45
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Feb 2016
nice, ill try that rice bucket for sure.

Hungover can be a serious threat to qw especially when you had a long weekend, and the major events are often on sundays
2016-03-01, 23:17
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Feb 2012
Ake Vader wrote:
Also make sure you're not hungry so you can stay focused.

To be honest I'd rather play hungry than full, when digesting the food saps away your sharpness and energy. Being really hungry obviously doesn't help either, though, so it's a good idea to grab a little bite to silence the stomach for a while.
Also, can't play drunk. Even one beer makes me slower. Helps with the nerves, but lowers reaction times and perception for me too much.
But these things are obviously very individual. I know people who basically play better with each beer :/ Never understood that, must be psychological.

Rice bucket is great stuff, will try.
I usually just povdmm a bot a few times and stretch my hands/palms. Something like described here:
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2016-03-02, 15:43
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May 2012
ages ago i used to warmup with frogbots, i raised server speed to like 110 or 120% and then went on playing a bit. Im not sure if this would work with todays servers though... back in the days, there was a command for serverspeed.

Feels like normal qw is in slowmo, when you get on normal speed again
Ye i know, this will probably throw off timings and stuff, but its fun to see, how the fastest-of-em-all-shooter can be relativley slow then

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