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2016-02-16, 10:03
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Dec 2006
I have been thinking about having the ability to adjust the dynamic range of lightmaps for a while, and only just got the time to sit down and get something working. I have implemented gl_minlight and gl_maxlight cvars which allow you to set a minimum and/or maximum light level. The original lightmap is scaled linearly to fit within these bounds.

I think the best example of gl_minlight is the DM2 nailgun stairs.

original: gl_minlight 0, gl_maxlight 255

slightly brighter shadows: gl_minlight 20, gl_maxlight 255

looks like death32c: gl_minlight 100, gl_maxlight 255

I have a bunch of other random pictures here in case you want more examples.

Ethical Issues?
I'm not going to decide if this is a 'cheat' or not, but here are some points
* fullbrights exist, players and items are not hidden in shadows
* in dark maps like dm2, it is much easier to fight around the 'full-dark' areas where terrain can be ambiguous from certain angles.
* lower maxlight in dm3 makes the pent area easier on the eyes, especially for high gamma/gl_modulate users
* gl_minlight 255 + gl_maxlight 255 = r_fullbright
* r_fullbright is flagged as a cheat cvar (did somebody forget about the smackdown-compliant setup of glqwcl 2.33 + qizmo had -lm_4??)
* it looks nicer?

Basically I wanted to open a discussion on lightmaps by showing some examples. I'm not distributing this code, but keen hackers can play around in gl_rsurf.c R_BuildLightMap and try it out for themselves.
2016-02-16, 11:07
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Apr 2006
Feel free to give me a pull request on github and I'll take a look!

Basically: smackdown hasn't existed in ages and any tournament admin can decide whatever he/she wants regarding rules. Today though the qw scene ain't struggling because we can or cannot light x or y. There are some basic things like you aren't allowed to change eyes.mdl or texture of backpacks (which itself can be questioned) but apart from that I'd say almost everything is legacy.

From a client perspective I'm interested! Feel free to join #ezquake-devel on Quakenet too if you want.

/ dimman
2016-02-18, 01:36
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Feb 2006
This rules, I'm using 64 / 192
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