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2016-01-01, 19:05
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Jan 2016
Hi there,

I hear from a lot of people they miss the XS4all FFA server. Its down, reason unknown for me.
I know some people at this provider and i will ask them to activate it again. Im willing to pay for the server, for the sake of Quakeworld.
I was wondering how much it will cost me, an indication based on the data it is using.
Hope someone can anwser me this question.

Thanks in advange, Greetings,

2016-01-02, 11:54
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Jan 2006
im not an expert but considering the cpu, ram and bandwidth needed, and pairing those with the current market offers, 5 / month is a very reasonable value. imo

For comparison sake, check this: a 128mb ram box with 0.5ghz cpu is enough for running 2 qw ports.
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