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2013-09-12, 13:30
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Feb 2008
With the help from maverick I managed to upload my demo collection (47GB) to

Includes challenge-tv archive (or 99 % of it not sure) as well as some stuff from now unknown sources (the adventurous may travel down the /dadied folder)
as well as recent tournaments like Hymn of Hope, Qwenya etc.

There will be lots of duplicated files or unzipped and zipped ones along since I used to download mostly from challenge-tv and then later integrated the
complete challenge-tv archive on top of it.

Organisation could be better but evolved this way mostly because I am late to QW and have only very rough ideas of what was played when and by whom.

Anyway, for those with a lot of time and energy (or all those waiting on a mix to start), happy poking around

(One level up you can find QL, NQ, Q4, Q3)
2013-11-27, 20:22
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Oct 2010
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