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Rookies' Corner
2013-02-26, 17:23
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Feb 2013
Hello QW players.

Is it to late? - is there still a healthy playerbase?
Would i be able to play with somewhat new players or is it only the hardcore playerbase that is still going at it?

Thanks in advance.
2013-02-26, 17:44
News Writer
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Mar 2006
There's rookies looking for games all the time

Check #qwrookie and the quakeworld servme network (on irc and in quake servers)
2013-02-26, 23:23
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Sep 2009
with QUAKE WORLD it'll never be too late!
couse it will live forever man!
(QW Nickname: AL.Kernell)
2013-02-28, 09:31
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Jan 2006
It's small, but kinda steady... some sadly abandon us, some happily join us. Welcome!
Join us on
2013-02-28, 13:50
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May 2006
Hi Screek,
There is definitely a hardcore player base which is quite fanatic and at a high skill level, but as Phil mentioned there appears to be a rookie scene developing and showing more activity in recent times, which I am happy to see. You are most welcome to start off your quakeworld career from there and see how far you can go.
Welcome to the community and good luck
2013-03-01, 16:46
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Jan 2006
It's never to late. And nothing is impossible, See for Yourself ...

Watch it on youtube
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